Hidden Feelings:Can’t explain love

Words just can’t express

how much I love you and

always will love you

because you came into

my lonely life of being

hurt so many times and

we have found each other

and we trust each other

I love you for being you

knowing I will never

get hurt again feels

absolutely fantastic because I

don’t want to get

hurt again and I

know for a fact

that when I’m with

you I will not

get hurt by anyone

because I know that

you will protect me

and you will always

be the person I can

trust with my life

and with anything I

own because I know

I love you and you

love me back just the same

we were meant to

be together forever

and we are together

forever and ever

nothing will change

the love we have

for each other
There are no words

that can express to

you just how much

I love you and

always will love you

to me you are

the perfect person

for me in my life

I don’t know what

I would do without

you in my life

knowing I can just

go to you for

anything and everything

makes me feel really

good deep down inside

not enough words

could even express how

much I love you or

how much I care about you

you are just so perfect

if someone tells you

that you should change

the way you are because

they think you could

be better don’t listen

to them because you

honestly don’t need

to change for anyone

not even me do you

need to change for

because you are so

perfect the way you

are as of now and

if you change I

don’t know how I

would take it because

you don’t need to change !!


The day you said you loved me,I gave you the key to my heart,soul and everything.

I used to sit around wondering and thinking whole night about my dark life.

Where I thought nobody would be taking place into it,closing the doors to my heart.

Where I wouldn’t let anyone in,I had trusted and loved only to be hurt.Bt that would never happen again.

And then you came into my life and hold my hands,You changed my mind.

Thats when you hold my hands and proved me I was wrong..Inside your palms You had the key to my heart.

I close my eyes I see you,I open my eyes of you.You make me feel like I was always yours.

JANET you are the key to my heart.I don’t understand I found the key to my heart.Your love has been the highest achievement to me…I lOve YoU..


Eyes are very important to us, so we have to be careful to look after them. They show us our world and they show others how we are feeling. When we talk to other people, we notice what their eyes are saying as well as what they are saying with their mouth..

You are the apple of my eye’  says the mother lovingly to her child.”I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;I lift my eyes an all is born again’ says the poetess,Sylvia Plath.

“The eyes are the mirror of our emotions” These words came up in my head in the other day. Honestly, at first they didn’t really make sense to me but I wrote them in a piece of paper anyway hoping they would, later. And they actually do. Now that I think about it, when someone talks to you, where are they looking’ at? Your eyes. Looking for an emotion, or a reaction or even the slightest feeling. Everyone does this unintentionally. But the eyes also show everything you feel: anger, sadness, happiness, anxiety and fear…. The eyes are even the home for the tears that manifest themselves when we are presented with an extreme amount of emotions at the same time. In a sad, a frustrating or overwhelmingly happy situation. Everything is reflected in your eyes. They are mirror of what our heart feels, they are the reflection of our personality and they are capable to speak without words. And as Cicero said: “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.

कन्या भ्रूण हत्या ||

” सिर पर आँचल बन जाये जब भार,

हाथों की चूड़ियां लगने लगे हथकडियान,

पायल बनने लगे बेड़ियां,

माथे पर सजी बन्दिया लगे जब कलनक,

सिले होंठ चाहे जब विद्रोह करन,

तो समझिये आ गया समय परंपरा मूल्य मंथन का ।।”
कय्सा है अपवाद ? कन्या भ्रूण की हत्या का अपराध,

कागजों पर बना कानून लाखों वाद-विवाद 

हमारे देश में लड़कियों का जन्म अपशगुन न होवे,

एनके जन्म पर स्वयं माँ ही आँख मीच-मीच कर नान रोवे ।। 

तुम मेरे क्या हो ।। 

Apne ehsaas se chhoo kar mujhe sandal kar do,

main ki sadiyon se adhoora hun muqammal kar do.

Na tumhein hosh rahe na mujhe hosh rahe,
iss qadar toot ke chaaho, mujhe paagal kar do.

Apne honthon se koi mohar lagaao mujh par, 
ek nazar pyaar se dekho mujhe ghayal kar do.

Tum apni hatheli ko mere pyaar ke mehandi se rango,
apni aankhon mein mere naam ka kaajal kar do.

Iss ke saaye mein mere khwaab mehak uthenge,
mere chehre pe chamakta hua aanchal kar do.

Dhoop hi dhoop hun main toot ke barso mujh pe,
iss qadar barso meri rooh mein jal – thal kar do.

Jaise sehraaon mein har shaam hawaa chalti hai,
uss tarah mujh mein chalo aur mujhe thall kar do.

Tum chhupa lo mera dil aout mein apne dil ke,
aur mujhe meri nighaahon se bhi ojhal kar do.

Masla hun toh nighaahen na churaao mujh se,
apni chaahat se tawaja se mujh hal kar do.

Apne ghum se keho har waqt mere saath rahe,
ek ehsaan karo uss ko musalsal kar do.

Mujh pe chhaa jaao kisi aag ki soorat janaa,
aur meri zaat ko sookha hua jungle kar do. !!

Koi Raat Mere Aashna 

Koi Raat Mere Aashna, Mujhe Yun Bhi To Naseeb Ho 

Na Rahe Khayal Libaas Ka, Wo Itna Mere Qareeb Ho
Badan Ki Garm Aanch Se Meri Aarzu Ko Aag De 

Mera Josh Behak Uthey, Mera Haal Bhi Ajeeb Ho
Tere Chashni Wajood Ka Sara Ras Mein Chura Loon 

Phir Tu Hi Mera Marz Ho, Aur Tu Hi Mera Tabeeb Ho

  1.    Sharing the memories of Pravin Shakir in my way…


Every woman has a past. Some were

physically abused. Some had violent
parents.Some had sexual abuse as a child
from their own family members.Some
had been forced into sex in the name of
love.Some were in an abusive
relationship. Some had menstrual
problems. Some had a broken family.
Some had a divorce. Some had an obesity
issue. Some had financial droughts. Some
had a few unsuccessful suicide attempts.
If you see a woman, who went through
any of these but had already wiped her
tears, tied her hair up, masked her
sorrows with a divine smile, stood tall
and strong, started walking towards her
future because she still has some hope
left inside her and has not given up on
the concept of love that still exists in this
world, do not stab her with her past. Do
not confront her. Do not slap her with
more abuse. Give way for her and walk
beside her. May be hold her hands and
walk for a while. You’ll know how sweet
that soul is and how strong her hopes are!
You’ll be amazed at how she carries
herself after all her energy has been
sucked out.
She need not always be only the woman
next door or from a different home. She
could be your own friend, your own
sister, your own girlfriend, your own wife,
even may be your own mother. Do not
judge her by her past. Gift her the
peaceful future that she deserves. Hold
her hands against the world, which knows
only to judge.
Give her the love that she always she earned for..


Virtual word,a world of simulation ! Far away from reality. Cut off from real human contact.Are today’s children so engrossed in the virtual world that they have lost touch with reality ? A moot question indeed ! 

At the outset,let’s admit that technological advancement has its own snares.                                                Predominantly welcomed for the material progress,it can bring about in the world,it raises,the age old speculations about moral,social and psychological implications.It’s in this context that we feel the virtual world has taken such a mammoth proportion in the young minds that they seem to have jumped the banks of reality !

The arguments in favor of the proposition are that children have a natural tendency to see the world larger than life-they tend to fantasize on what they get to see in the world.they get to much hooked on to this make-believe world that they turn their back on social life,lose the much needed people connect and become a recluse in their own world.Far from the world of human engagement,they lose sympathy,empathy and compassion for fellow beings.They become more and more self-centered that they don’t develop a caring and sharing attitude.

The children who are addicted to the virtual world have a tendency to separate them from the family circle,friends and relatives.They increasingly tend to dislike attending marriages,parties and picnics.They become introverts and and in later life suffer from personality disorder.In short,they become misfit to tackle with real life situations.

         The sunny side of the whole is that all children,as implied in the proposition,are not  so much  affected by the virtual world syndrome.For one thing,a major section of the children do not have the facilities to indulge in the so called virtual world.Moreover,most of them who have the access,are a mature lot and they know where to draw the line.They are able to wisely blend both the worlds.A few may get carried away and engross themselves in this make-believe world,but let’s take consolation from the fact “ONE SWALLOW DOESN’T MAKE A SUMMER ! ”                                                         FAIZ KHAN..


A Memory Is Something You Remember Which Happened To You At Some Point Of Time In Your Life. Generally,Every Life Event That Happens In A Person’s Life Is Not Remembered By That Person. Some People Have A Strong Memory And Remembers Almost Everything That Happens In Their Life. Such Memory Is Called Photographic Memory, Eidetic Memory Or Identic Memory. These People Tend To Remember Pretty Much Everything That Has Happened To Them In Their Lives.Then There Are Someone Who Have A Tendency To Remember A Very Little And Move On In Their Life And Forget About Their Past,This Is Called Weak Memory.Mostly Normal People Remember Some Of The Things That Have Happened In Their Past,Both Negative And Positive In Nature.

      If You Come In Contact With A Person From The Past,A Situation U Remember Or You See A Thing That Reminds You Of Something Of The Past, It Generates A Trigger In Your Memory And You Remember That Particular Incident.Often, People Who Have Suffered Amnesia  Are Introduced To People They Knew Or Places They Have Visited In The Past To Help Them Remember Their Lives Which They Have Forgotten.

    Memories Are Very Powerful.Because Of Memories,People Avoid Making The Same Mistake Again And Again In Their Lives.Memories Remind You Of The People You Love And You Have Loved In The Past.Thinking Of Positive Memories From The Past  Has Always A Pleasant Experience.People Tend To Look At Old Photos And Videos From The Past To Remember Occasion From Their Past.

    Bad Memories Can Also Haunt People And People Tend To Suffer Trauma Because Of Them.They Often Need Help And Counselling To Help To Help Them Leave Bad Memories Behind And Look Forward Towards Brighter Future.

    We Sometimes Have A Short Term Memory Of The Events That Takes Place In Our Lives In A Short Period Of Time.Long Term Memories Are Those Memories Which We Remember ,Of Incidents That Have Happened In Our Lives Many Years Ago.Our Work Is Also Based On What Experience We Have And Our Education.

     Our Memories Are Very Important To Help Us In The Future Coarse Of Our Lives.We All Have Both Positive And Negative Memories In Our Lives And Those Memories Are Part Of Who We Are Today.It Is Human Nature To Remember Memories.One Must Not Dwell Too Much On Negative Memories But Learn From Them And Cherish The Positive Experience Memories Of The Past

                                                                                                                     FAIZ KHAN

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